Genes, Development And Behavior
Department of Translational Neuroscience
Utrecht, The Netherlands


Genes, Development and Behavior

The research mission of the Department of Translational Neuroscience is to discover and delineate mechanisms and processes which are fundamental to the development of neural systems and to the control of behavior, and to translate these to pathogenesis and disease models.

The Department of Translational Neuroscience teaches basic neuroscience and pharmacology.

'Genes, Development and Behavior' reflects our ambition to understand the function of specific genes in developing and mature neural systems brain under normal and pathological conditions. This is relevant for complex psychiatric and neurological traits.

The Department of Translational Neuroscience is the preclinical department of the Division Neuroscience of the University Medical Center Utrecht. Its research program is part of the Brain Center Rudolf Magnus. Teaching concerns fundamental neuroscience and basic pharmacology for BSc, MSc, MD and PhD programs of Utrecht University.