Genes, Development And Behavior
Department of Translational Neuroscience
Utrecht, The Netherlands


The research area is basic neurosciences. Our approach is multidisciplinary with emphasis on molecular and cellular neurobiology, electrophysiology, and behavior. Research lines are part of the focus areas of the Division Neuroscience and are the fundament of preclinical and clinical collaboration. Direct links exist in the focus areas Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Psychosis, Epilepsy and ALS. Accordingly, research is organized in five workgroups.


WORKGROUP 1:  Molecular Neurobiology
Theme: Neurodevelopment
PIs: Peter Burbach, Elly Hol

WORKGROUP 2:  Cellular Neurophysiology
Theme: Stress
PIs: Marian Joëls, Henk Karst**

WORKGROUP 3: Behavioral Neuropharmacology
Theme: Eating behavior
PIs: Roger Adan, Geert Ramakers, Louk Vanderschuren

WORKGROUP 4: Experimental and Translational Neurology
Theme: Neuronal connecivity
PIs: Jeroen Pasterkamp, Pierre de Graan