Adan lab

Neural circuits underlying eating disorders

My team’s main focus is on identifying and targeting the neural circuits that underlie eating disorders. We use human genetics and scRNAseq data to identify cells that are underlying the processes that contribute to development of eating disorders. Viral vector tracers, optogenetics and electrophysiology are used to map neural circuits, calcium imaging (fiber photometry) is used to assess neuronal activity in awake animals and chemogenetics and pharmacology is used to unravel how specific neural circuits are implicated in regulating behaviors associated with eating disorders such as food reward seeking, feeding and hyperlocomotion.

Confocal images from a VTA section of dopaminergic neurons (green) and Leptin receptor expressing neurons (red)

The modulatory effect of leptin on the mesolimbic DA system

Prof. dr. Roger Adan

My main position is in the department of Translational Neuroscience, UMC Utrecht Brain Center. I am also a scientific advisor at Rintveld Eating disorder clinic, Altrecht, Zeist, guest professor at the department of Neuroscience and Physiology of Sahlgrenska Academy of the University of Gothenburg, and expert at EFSA’s working group “Added Sugars”.
My research focus is on deconstructing the mechanisms underlying eating behaviour, since this is a natural behaviour ideally suited to dissecting the neural circuits that underlie decision-making, anxiety, impulsivity and reward seeking. I am devoted to unravel mechanisms underlying eating disorders. Besides understanding what circuits underlie obesity, the main topic is to unravel the neurocircuitry that underlies Anorexia Nervosa.


Group members

Bart Lodder – PhD student supervised by Prof. Bernardo Sabatini, located at Harvard Medical school
My research aims to understand the heterogeneity of dopamine signaling in the nucleus accumbens and dorsal striatum, through development and implementation of novel optical methods like tapered photometry and Fluorescent lifetime photometry.

Dopamine, Nucleus accumbens, Dorsal striatum, Tapered photometry, Fluorescent lifetime photometry
Eileen Brouwer – PhD student
My research project aims to unravel neuronal alterations in Anorexia Nervosa using the activity-based anorexia mouse model.

Activity-based anorexia model, immunocytochemistry, scRNAseq
Fabien Ducrocq – Postdoc
My research aim at identifying neuronal populations that drive symptoms such as decreased feeding and hyperactivity linked to the development of Anorexia Nervosa in a laboratory mouse model.

Slice electrophysiology, Anorexia Nervosa mouse model, Reward processing

Iris Stoltenborg – PhD student
I’m conducting my research at Gothenburg University in Sweden, where Roger A. H. Adan is a guest professor. The aim of my research project in the lab of Suzanne Dickson (under the supervision of Roger) is to target and further unravel which neurons and pathways are engaged by orexigenic stimuli such as the hunger hormone ghrelin and food cues.

Transgenic mouse models, RNAscope, DREADDs
I.G. Wolterink-Donselaar
Research-technician for practical assistance of PhD-students and Postdocs in their scientific careers.

Karlijn Kooij – PhD candidate
My research aim is to unravel how the gut-brain axis – influences reward processing. I mainly focus on gut hormones and the (anorectic) microbiome. Additionally, I investigate whether a pharmacological intervention improves the outcome in an animal model for anorexia nervosa.

Fiber photometry, gut-brain axis, microbiome transplantation, anorexia rodent model

Mieneke Luijendijk – animal facility manager
My main task is that the work in the animal facility can continue. Important tasks are the laboratory animal administration, annual reporting to the IvD/NVWA on the number of animals used, supervising compliance with the rules, animal welfare, training of animal workers on new techniques and managing animal care and support staff. In addition, I support researchers in performing operations on rats and/or mice and conducting experiments.

Stereotactic surgery, Behavioral tasks, Anorexia Nervosa mouse model all in rats and mice

MoPriya Somai – master intern
The aim of the internship project is to investigate Conditioned Taste Aversion (CTA) in an Anorexia Based Activity mouse model. Snapshots of the neuronal activity in the brain of the mice, by fluorescently labeling the neurons activated during the CTA, will be analyzed.

Nick Papavoine – PhD candidate
My research focus is to unravel the effects of leptin on hyperactivity observed in Anorexia Nervosa. Therefore, I am aiming to identify the neuronal populations mediating leptins effect in observed hyperactivity in the Activity-based Anorexia mode

Fiber photometry, Activity-based anorexia model, pharmacological manipulations


Recent papers

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